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Memories of Old Comiskey Park

"Like loving a women with a broken nose. You may find lovelier lovelies.
But never a lovely so real."

Nelson Algren was a Chicago writer.  He wrote about the Janus-faced city in which he lived.  One for hustlers, and one for squares.  One for poets, and one for promoters.  One for early risers, and one for evening hiders.   Jane Addams and Al Capone shared the same streets.  Clarence Darrow and Julius Hoffman, too.

Chicago has two baseball clubs, the Cubs and the White Sox.   One plays in a ballpark universally recognized as amongst the finest and most beautiful ever created.  The other plays at Comiskey Park.

This web site is a tribute to Old Comiskey Park.   For nearly twenty years, it was the oldest in the major leagues.  Unlike Fenway Park or Wrigley Field,  it was never recognized as one of baseball's jewels.  However, for those of us who remember her, Old Comiskey Park was the most wonderful gem of them all.  Her charm revealed to only those who searched to find it.   Our affection made stronger because we found so much of ourselves inside what she uniquely reflected.

Old Comiskey Park embodied everything great about the City of Chicago -- and everything bad.  "Like loving a women with a broken nose.  You may find lovelier lovelies.  But never a lovely so real."   Algren was writing about the city, but he could just as easily have written it for Comiskey Park.   We hope this site brings greater appreciation for the uniquely Chicago ballpark,  Old Comiskey Park.

Memories of Old Comiskey Park has no affiliation with the Chicago White Sox baseball team.  White Sox Interactive has none either.  There is nothing "official" about either of them.  The photographs and memorabilia used here come from the author's personal collection.  Every effort has been made to give credit to sources.  If something here belongs to you and you wish to have it removed, please send me note at


George Bova


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Memories of
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