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The Scoreboard

Comiskey Park used a variety of scoreboards in her 80 years.  Perhaps the most famous scoreboard ever created (in ANY sport) was Bill Veeck's Monster Scoreboard in 1960.  Hoots and hollers, a design inspired by a pinball machine, and of course the fireworks after each Sox home run.  The baseball establishment called it bush.  Now virtually every park in the majors has one just like it and even domed stadiums set off fireworks for their team's home runs.  It took twenty years for baseball's establishment to catch up with Bill Veeck.

The Comiskey scoreboard is covered in patriotic bunting before this game in 1917.  Sox players march in uniform for war preparedness.

The original Monster Scoreboard created by Bill Veeck in 1960, seen here in the late-70's.
(source: Take Me Out to the Ballpark)
The Monster as it looked in 1967.  This is the original paint scheme as Veeck conceived the design in 1960.
The signature feature of Comiskey Park:  the original exploding scoreboard.
(Field Enterprises)

The massive Jumbotron scoreboard of the 1980's. Seen here from the upper deck catwalk.
(photo:  author)

"It's A Dinger!"  Another Sox home run is greated by
lighted pinwheels and fireworks in this late-80's game.

The genius of the Monster Scoreboard
was its sheer size.  The scoreboard was the focal point
for the entire stadium as this homeplate view shows.

Old Comiskey's scoreboard lights up for the last time,
a home run by Frank Thomas on September 26, 1990.


 View from the Stands

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